Who Are We 

casamarka.com is a strong supporter of “guilt-free shopping!" without getting stuck in traffic. Our website organises private sales of big named brands for its members. These sales are limited in time and show significant reductions: from -30% to -70% compared to prices in stores.

These sales include: ready-to-wear for men, women and children, fashion accessories (scarves, jewellery, linen ...), cosmetics, clothes, homeware and many other items such as toys and leisure products ... 

Our members regularly receive invitations to exclusive sales by email, so they can buy branded products on the site at prices up to 70% off.

The payment which is fully secured by SSL and in partnership with the Bank Of Beirut is done by credit card.

What Is Our Business Policy 

 Our policy aims to offer branded products at great prices every day. 

How do we do this?

First of all, our products are mainly from previous collections: overproduction, unsold and discontinued items. Don't be misled, all items on our site are new (we check the condition, origin and guarantees of each of the products for sale)!

Furthermore, we limit our operating costs to the minimum (storage, logistics ...) and we only sell online.

This is how you can save money with our private sales whilst benefiting from new, high quality products.

How Do Our Previous Sales Work

A casamarka.com sale happens in 6 steps:

1 / The announcement of the private sales
Every day you get an email invitation with the brands for sale on our site casamarka.com. Trailers allow you to view a sample of the items that will be offered in each sale. This email will also inform you of the sales’ opening and closing dates and times.

2/ The Day
On the day of the sale, log on to the site as soon as possible ... First come first served! In fact, we have limited stock and every time someone places an order, counting is done automatically. Therefore, at the end of sale, most products are sold out.

3 / Your Order
At the time of the sale, you select all the items that you want by adding them to your shopping basket. Once you have finished shopping, you can make your payment using a credit card or cash on delivery, in an ultra-secure environment. An email is sent to confirm your order (it summarises all the order information).

4/ Preparing your order
Our logistics team prepares your order as fast as possible. When your package is ready, we give it to the courier. You will receive an email telling you of its dispatch.

5/ The delivery of your order
The delivery of your order can take up to 7 days starting from the moment you have received the email. With the tracking number you can easily follow your order right up until its delivery.

6 / After Sales
Your order is delivered ... you can now enjoy your products! If you have any questions about our return policy, we invite you to read the Returns and Refunds section.    


Happy Shopping with casamarka.com !